A Word From The Owner

Graham Kent, Business Owner/Director and Chief Driving Instructor Trainer as been in the driving industry since he was old enough to drive - from driving thousands of miles around the country as a rep to embarking on his passion of driving to become a driving instructor over 20 years ago. Since then the has embraced this passion to not only teach people to drive, but to run his own driving school and to date has trained over 100 people to become qualified driving instructors. His enthusiasm reflects in the values he hold for the success of Anderby, promoting it as a professional but also a fun company - after all, we all remember the teacher at school that were boring and you never learnt anything with versus the teachers that made lessons enjoyable and fun, where you remembered what you had learnt and looked forward to the lesson - this is what Anderby's ethos is.

Graham goes on to say:

"Many thousands of people have passed their driving test with Anderby instructors since 1996.  You can be assured that having lessons with an Anderby instructor will ensure that you will receive professional, high quality and safe training whilst the lessons will be carried out by patient calm and friendly instructors – in fact, many people that have tried other instructors/schools have come to us and have been amazed at how much they have learnt just in the first lesson (a common saying from pupils is:- “I’ve learnt more from the Anderby instructor in 90 minutes than I did with the last instructor for 10 hours!!!).

Why is this? – It’s simple because I only allow the best quality people to join Anderby – I am passionate about ensuring that every instructor is good with people, has excellent manners and is of sound character.  This is why I freely advertise my personal mobile number so that people can contact me if they so wish (how many owners/directors of companies do you know that do this???)

I also remember when I learnt to drive – and I know how terrified I was. Luckily I started with a really nice man who was very sympathetic to my needs – yes, this picture of me was taken just after I passed my test in 1976 – complete with flairs, tank top and hair – although I still have my middle parting!!!!"