Assessment Lesson – 90 Minute Lesson For Just £25 (Manual or Automatic)

This is for you if you have at least the ability to control the car and would like to know, roughly, how many lessons you will need to achieve the safe level of driving to enable you to pass the practical driving test.  It’s also to ensure you’re happy with your Instructor before committing (no pressure on us then!!!).  Your Instructor will collect you from a place to suit you (eg; home, college or work) and will look at your level of driving by putting you in appropriate situations relative to your ability.  The Instructor will also start teaching you further skills and knowledge as this will also enable them to see how you learn. Often, our learners say that they have learnt more in ninety minutes with one of our instructors than they have done in many hours with other instructors.

After the Beginners Course (or Assessment Lesson), we offer ongoing lessons at competitive rates. Please click on your nearest town/area for prices:

- Grimsby/ North East Lincolnshire

- Scunthorpe

- Lincoln

- Hull

Our goal is to ensure you are happy with our services, to teach you to drive safely and to get you through the driving test in a time frame that suits you. Lessons can be structured around your availability, time and financial constraints. The content of lessons will be flexible to your needs - for example, all Manoeuvres will be checked or taught as appropriate (Examples:- Pull up on the right and reverse two car lengths, Parallel and Bay Parking). By the way, we may also teach you how to do the Turn in the road and Left reverse manoeuvres (these are not normally required in the new test but can be helpful including good starter manoeuvres to help the more difficult parking tasks), as well as how to stop the car in an emergency, dual carriageway driving, independent driving - right through to carrying out Mock Tests - so that you can get used to the pressure of driving on your own like the Driving Test and beyond.

“Very good passed in one”Ashley Rowbotham
“Very pleasurable, easy to get along with, highly recommend”Kris Hasselby
“It was lovely and enjoyable”Grace Padley
“Very good passed in one”Ashley Rowbotham
“Very pleasurable, easy to get along with, highly recommend”Kris Hasselby