Do I get the same instructor?
Yes, you will always have the same instructor for all of your lessons, unless in the unlikely event of your Instructor being off long-term sick, or circumstances beyond our control, then we would offer you lessons with another Instructor.

Do I have to pass my Theory before taking driving lessons?
No.  Some people do pass the Theory Test before starting their lessons, but it is easier to understand the Theory Test better once you have grasped the basics of driving and road procedure.

Will I be driving on my first lesson?
Yes, all students get to drive the car on their first lesson.  If you are a beginner, your Instructor will take you to a quiet area and go through the basic controls of the car with you, and then talk you through the process of moving off and stopping.  Don’t worry, all of our cars are dual-controlled and your Instructor will explain and demonstrate the procedure at a pace to suit you.

What’s your pass rate?
The national average pass rate is about 46%.  At Anderby, we are confident our pass rate is in excess of this figure as we ensure that all of our Instructors teach to a standard in excess of current driving test requirements.

How many lessons will I need to be able to take my Practical?
The number of driving lessons required varies from person to person.  On average it is around 30-50 hours, but your Instructor will give you more of an idea after your first few lessons. For further information click here.

What car will I be driving?

We have a range of modern dual-controlled cars.  Most of the tuition cars are small hatchback and are similar to drive.  Examples of the cars we have include the Nissan Micra, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai i20 and Citroen DS.

Many companies do a guaranteed pass course – do you do this?
No, we don’t offer a guaranteed pass. Some driving schools that claim they guarantee a pass may insist you have lots more lessons than you need to ensure they have made enough money from you to pay for the test again if you did fail, and if you did fail, they may insist you take many more lessons before retaking the test, even if you only failed on one thing. At Anderby, your Instructor will do their uttermost to ensure you are ready to pass the test and will advise you when they think you are ready to take the test, although we cannot guarantee what will happen on the day.

What do I need for my first driving lesson?
You will need both the paper counterpart and photo-card parts of your provisional driving licence; your money in cash for the lesson if you have not paid in advance (£50 for your Beginners Course or £25 for an Assessment lesson).

Can I book my test next week? or Are there driving test waiting times?
Your Instructor will advise you on when to book your test, taking in to account current test waiting times. Booking your test before you are ready will cost you money, and your Instructor can refuse to loan you his/her car if they consider you to be a risk to public safety. For test waiting times click here.

I can’t find my licence - can I start lessons yet?
Yes, if you have got a valid provisional licence but have mislaid it, your Instructor can ring the DVSA at the start of your first lesson to verify a few details about yourself, including the postcode of where the licence is registered too.  They will then confirm whether you have a valid licence or not.  You will need to have your licence, with your current address on it before taking the Theory and Practical tests.

What Grade are your instructors?
The majority of our Instructors are a Grade A/B. What ever grade the Instructor is, they have to undertake regular Check Tests by the DVSA to ensure their teaching is up to the required standard, so there is no such thing as a ‘bad instructor’.

Do you do crash courses?
Yes we do ‘crash’ or better known as Intensive Courses. For more information click here.

Will I have to pick up the next pupil?
No. Anderby has always had a policy of one-to-one tuition. Even today, some driving schools still insist you take the last pupil home, and then pick the next one up during your lesson time. Doesn’t give you much time to practice that turn in the road you so much need to do so that you are ready for test!!!

How much is an Intensive Course?
It varies depending on how much, if any prior experience you have, how quick you learn and how much time per week you have to do it in.  When considering an Intensive course, we suggest you have either a Beginners or Assessment lesson first, which will help you and your Instructor decide how many lessons you will need, time-scales, etc. For further information click here.