Instructor Testimonials

“Graham’s training was…. Great . . .
and I have him to thank for my successful career in driving instructing and hopefully many years to come too !!!!!” 

Laura Proctor (Grimsby)  Qualified and joined Anderby  2006

“After years working as a quality manager in the packaging industry I felt I needed to make a change. Throughout my life I had always really enjoyed training others and teaching people new skills, becoming a Driving Instructor was a way I could do this full-time!
Since visiting the Anderby road show, everything’s changed! I found the course very interesting and fun and before I knew it I was a fully qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor).
It’s now sixteen months down the line and it’s been the best decision I have ever made. They provide my with full call centre support and all the marketing support I need. I’ve never had any reason to look elsewhere and they take very good care of me. Now I’m getting great job satisfaction and I’m changing people’s lives.
I remember the first pupil I took from being a complete beginner right through to passing; I think I was happier than he was!
Becoming a Driving Instructor has completely changed my life. I am now able to arrange my life around what’s best for me and my family and I do my job with a big smile on my face.”
Ben Fowler (Lincoln)Qualified and joined Anderby 2011

“March 2015 when I first met Graham. After a 2 hour meeting with Graham, I had gone from knowing nothing about becoming a driving instructor and the benefits, to Graham explaining everything step by step what I needed to do to become a successful ADI . . .
and if I would be interested in working for Anderby. After passing my part 1 and 2, I then began my part 3 training and Graham offered me the opportunity to become a trainee Instructor (PDI). My training with Graham was a fun, enjoyable, relaxed experience and Graham put no pressure on me and allowed me to learn in my own time/pace. Graham is one of the most genuine, honest enthusiastic people I have ever met and his knowledge and passion for driving exceed in all aspects. Graham has accompanied me in about 5 lessons, and has always provided me with great positive feedback with areas to improve and develop, to further my career as a driving instructor and for any Standard check coming up. Graham didn’t just give me a job, he gave me a career. Graham is always keen and eager to help and support myself. As a family becoming a driving instructor was the best decision I have made, with me being able to work the hours and days I want, I can fit my work around my family life.”
Darren Waller (Hull)  Qualified and joined Anderby 2015

“Training with Graham was enjoyable. He made it easy with his relaxed attitude. he helped me work out issues or problems for myself. . .
rather than just being told what to do and how to do it. I would 100% recommend anyone who was thinking about training to be an ADI to go with Graham.”

James Hutson (Grimsby) Qualified and joined Anderby 2017

“I really enjoyed my training with Graham. He was really thorough, encouraging and supportive throughout it. . .
So glad I chose Anderby and look forward to the years to come working for the company”
Jo Richardson (Grimsby)  Qualified and joined Anderby 2017

“I really enjoyed my training with Graham. He is very friendly, extremely supportive, but most importantly professional throughout. . .
My training times were arranged at flexible times to fit around my current job.
I am loving my career so much, it has become a career I want to do for life, not just a job!
I have to thank everyone at Anderby and definitely recommend anyone who wants training to go and see Graham”
Neil Simpson (Grimsby)  Qualified and joined Anderby 2018

“Whilst working in the community involved in a number of diverse projects, I realised I had a love for teaching and helping people, and I have a burning desire to be part of people’s happiness. . .
This combination persuaded me to fulfil my life’s ambition to become a Driving Instructor. Then in a life changing meeting I met Graham Kent at one of his road shows in Hull.
Graham was genuine, very patient and extremely motivated and quite quickly got me through my tests. I found him to be very relaxed, friendly, and honest with his polite and helpful criticism and singlehandedly was responsible for everything positive that happened to me.
I felt really well supported during my introduction to the world of ADI’s. The course was well-paced, resourceful and informative; the training has provided me with the vital first step in my new career.
The best thing I ever did was choose to become a driving instructor and to select Anderby Driving School for my training.
Again, I cannot thank Graham enough for supporting me and making my dream come true.”
Nawa Ahmed (Hull)  Qualified and joined Anderby 2018

“After having just one meeting with Graham, I knew that I was making the correct choice of learner driving companies to work for, as he instantly made me feel welcome and filled me with confidence when I doubted myself.
His knowledge and professionalism is second to none, and  continues to be a massive support to me with constant ongoing training when needed. I looked at other companies, but after meeting   Graham it was a no-brainer that Anderby was for me.”
Colin Smith (Scunthorpe)  Qualified and joined Anderby 2019

“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance over the last two years. Without the focus you afforded me on this new career, I am not sure I would’ve come through it all.
I am so glad that we met, I instantly felt at ease with you, and confident that you could help me realise my ambition to become a fully qualified driving instructor.  Your observations and feedback were always professionally comprehensive and considered. With your support, I felt certain at each stage exactly what I needed to do to progress and improve and the level of encouragement you provided was always just what I needed.
Your positivity, passion and determination to overcome my challenge is inspiring. I look forward to many years working together! Forever grateful.”
Julian Gardner  (Grimsby) Qualified and joined Anderby 2020

“When I was looking for a career change, becoming a driving instructor appealed to me . . .
I opted for the one-to-one training offered by Graham Kent (ORDIT) at Anderby. This was of a high quality and tailored to my needs . Graham’s relaxed, confident and reassuring approach helped me to become a capable Instructor.”
Ashley Brady (Grimsby)  Qualified and joined Anderby in 2020

“My decision to train with Graham at Anderby Driving centre  to become a Driving Instructor was the best I made.
Graham is very knowledgeable , patient and is willing to work at your pace.
A very professional and friendly service enabled me to pass all 3 parts first time!!”
Annette Barnwell-Thornton (Sutton / Skegness)  Qualified and joined Anderby January 2020

“Graham was so professional and on top of his game, his enthusiasm for this industry was like a breath of fresh air to me.
Graham is at the top of this profession and a great support, whilst going through the process of becoming an instructor. I picked the best,”
Terry Mellors (Lincoln) Qualified 2021 and joined Anderby 2021

“Graham was fantastic at understanding my circumstances as I was a qualified instructor before and left it nearly 20 years ago.  I decided to come back into instructing and he took the time to find out what I had remembered and didn’t go over any information that wasn’t relevant as I had remembered more than I realised.  He spent a lot of his time covering what was necessary for me to know now as it had changed since I last was an instructor.  He is very professional, considerate and tailors the package to your needs. Graham still continues to support me when required and nothing is never too much trouble!  Definitely recommend him as a trainer.”
Sarah Walmsley (Grimsby)  Originally qualified in 1999 – retrained and re-qualified in 2021

“I have had a great experience while doing my training to become a Driving Instructor.
The training and support have been excellent. Graham was very informative throughout and always there to answer any questions I had. He gave great feedback and the time went very quickly.
I would highly recommend Graham to anyone else looking for professional Instructor training.”
Val Sofelea (Grimsby)  Qualified 20022 and joined Anderby 2022

“I’ve been working as an ADI for about 18 months, my part 3 qualification exam was still in old style, so I had no experience with Standards check formula and what it actually was all about. . .
After my first year of working as an instructor I started thinking more and more about SC, how to best prepare for it. I had made some research and all the comments had (correctly by the way) one thing in common: treat it as a normal lesson. But i was questioning myself, what if my lessons are not at all up to standards, what if i developed some bad habits regarding my lesson planning, techniques etc. I didn’t want to find out when it was too late, so my first thought was to ask an expert (read Mr Graham ) 🙂  to help me. As it later turned out it was the right move. Graham accompanied me in my lessons with my pupils 4 or 5 times. Every single one of them helped me to better understand the criteria for SC and helped me to prepare for the “day” in the best way.

My tip is : if you are in a similar situation like me or you are in doubt if your lessons are up to it, then sessions with Graham will definitely help you, and as it might sound irrational, don’t be afraid of taking to such sessions pupils, who require more time and effort to teach them to drive, pupils who might throw at you a lot of issues to solve, because this, at least in my case, exposed in a positive way my areas for development and then helped me to understand how to deal with it.”
Michal, Hull

“For many years the idea of being a Driving Instructor had appealed to me and after attending an Anderby open evening the idea really began to appeal to me, as I felt that this was something that I could do, after the training obviously. . .
I was immediately impressed with the friendly, enthusiastic and professional manner the whole business of teaching people to drive was delivered at Anderby. Also the “Pay as you Go” method of training was great as there was no initial upfront payment of large training fees.
After a change in my employment circumstances at the end of 2010 I embarked on my training. After passing the Part 1 and Part 2 sections of the training I started teaching as a PDI, gaining valuable experience with real pupils as well as continuing with my training for the Part 3.
The training with Graham is invaluable, fun, flexible and adapted to your requirements and pace, which is the type of Driving Instructor you’ll want to be.
Since passing my Part 3 I have enjoyed every day. There is never that “Monday morning feeling” as an ADI, it is a very rewarding career; my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”
Garron Plaskitt, Grimsby

“I came to Anderby from another driving instructor training establishment, as the training I received was very poor (I found this out after paying for the course up-front!). . .
A driving Instructor who I knew recommended Anderby to me as he had qualified with them previously. With Anderby’s pay-as-you-go training, I only paid for the hours I needed. After qualifying, Graham gave me further, excellent training to enable me to score a Grade 5 on my Check Test, which I am really pleased with.”

Dave Goodale, Grimsby

Steve was fed up with his office job – he had been at it over 20 years, and wanted to do something totally different. Steve fitted his training around his job, and started to teach as a PDI in the evenings and weekends. After qualifying, Steve then decided to give up his job to instruct full time, which he has no regrets in doing. Steve is now a well respected and very popular instructor in the Grimsby area.
Steve Pursglove, Grimsby

“During my Driving Instructor career to date, I have worked in the towns of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Gloucester, however, in December 2012 I found myself a new life in Lincolnshire, and I was keen to get my work life back on track as soon as possible. . .
I started making enquiries locally in the area and a mutual friend suggested I have a chat with Graham. Our first meeting was a freezing, snow covered January day, at the impressive Anderby Promotion Trailer, just outside Freshney Place in Grimsby. I was immediately struck by the professionalism demonstrated at this meeting. The trailer was stocked with welcome packs, leaflets of all kinds, covering for example, the theory test, and the practical test. All was organised, informative and welcoming for any budding pupils passing by. After a chat, I then spent the day with Graham in my newly purchased instructing car, having an ‘informal interview’. I knew nothing of Grimsby at this stage and Graham could not have been more helpful. He took time to show me training areas in both Grimsby and Cleethorpes, as well as possible test routes etc. Once I had officially started my instructing, pupils were introduced gradually and within three months, having been paying franchise on a sliding scale to that point, I then had enough pupils to pay the fixed franchise amount. This happened much quicker than I expected and as soon as I have a pupil pass a test, a quick call to Anderby staff and the gap is filled as soon as possible. The staff at the office hold a diary for each instructor which is updated by text and is an excellent and efficient system. Graham and the office staff are totally committed to Anderby. The reputation of the company is superb, and new referrals are constant. Having worked for a number of driving schools in the past, Anderby is by far the most professional I have encountered and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any PDI or ADI who were considering joining.”

Janet Phillips, Grimsby

“In the late 70’s I was a small holder when deciding to change direction and become an ADI. I was a successful self-employed instructor, running my own business for over 30 years . . .
but always felt there was something missing. That gap has now been filled since joining Anderby in 2012. I’ve never been happier as an instructor. It’s great being part of a strong team, with back-up and support whenever needed.”

John Fisher, Lincoln

“I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer than Graham; he is very knowledgeable, patient, and a great communicator. Above all though, his passion for Driving Instructing and teaching at all levels shines through – it’s clear that he’s still “got the bug”!
Graham’s pay-as-you-go training is great value, and is flexible to suit the would-be Instructor, taking into account their learning style and relevant experiences; my entire Part 3 training cost me under £750, and thanks to Graham, I was able to prepare for my Part 3 test within a month, passing with a 5/5.
Thank you Graham!”
Nick from Grimsby